Today’s Highlights from the Boost Class: Engaging Minds, Enhancing Skills

Today in the Boost Class at our international school, we started our day with a focused Writing session. We revisited the writing process, examining an example to identify its various stages and testing our understanding of each part. This review was crucial in reinforcing the steps from brainstorming to drafting. After the discussion, students began brainstorming ideas for an opinion statement, an exercise that helps develop their critical thinking and argumentative skills. The class concluded with an assignment: students were tasked to draft their ideas into a cohesive argument as homework, preparing them for more advanced writing challenges.

In our Science class, we reviewed last week’s experiment on algae growth. Students had previously set up eight jars under different conditions to observe which environment would best support algae proliferation. Today, they discovered that jar #5 showed the most growth due to its exposure to sunlight, absence of a lid, and additional plant matter. This hands-on experiment not only engaged students with practical scientific methods but also encouraged them to hypothesize and analyze data based on real observations.

Math class today focused on enhancing problem-solving skills through English-language math problems. Students practiced dissecting problems to understand what information was provided, what the question was asking, and what additional information was needed to find a solution. This exercise is particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers, as it improves both their mathematical reasoning and English comprehension.

After a lunch break, the class reconvened for our Focus session, which revisited the theme of the importance of learning English. We discussed why English skills are crucial for both personal development and academic success. The conversation was enriched with a Ted Talk on changing mindsets to better learn and speak English. Following the video, students reviewed a language arts textbook segment on articles in speech, identifying incorrect uses and correcting them. This activity helped sharpen their grammatical skills and bolstered their confidence in using English in academic settings.

Each class today built on the foundation of not only improving academic skills but also developing a deeper understanding and practical application of knowledge across disciplines. We’re looking forward to another day of learning and growth tomorrow in the Boost Class!